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What is an Event Manager?

The Event Manager Role gives full administrative access at the Event level. Here's how it works:

Event Managers can edit Venues, Staff, Roles, and the Schedule. They have full authority over the Event and Event details. You can access the Event Manager Role in the 'Roles and Qualifications' tab.


Here, you can appoint the Role to Staff members, as well as keep track of who is currently in the Role. To add someone to the Role, click the 'Take Action' button and then 'Edit Staff'. You will be prompted to select the Staff member you want to set as an Event Manager.


You can also add Staff members to the Event Manager Role from the Staff list. To do so, select the Staff member(s) using the checkboxes along the left-hand side. Click 'Take Action' and then select 'Add/Remove Role(s)'. You can select the Event Manager Role and save. With this method, you can assign the Role to multiple Staff members at once.


Please note, the Event Manager Role provides full access into Staff profiles, Scheduling and more. Anyone in this Role will have full control over the Event.