How do I track the Group Attendance?

Group attendance can be tracked through using the Event Check-in and/or Shift Clock-in features on the web and mobile apps. Special Group-related reports will be available under the Reports tab that calculate the total hours worked by group, along with time stamped activity logs. 

  • Account-Based Groups
    When an Account-Based Group Member is clocked-in to their shift (or checked-in the event), the interface will behave as normal with no additional prompts. Detailed hours worked reports and activity logs by will account for Account-Based Groups. These reports can be found in the Reports Tab inside an Event. 


  • Number-Based Group
    When a Number-Based Group Member is clocked-in to their shift (or checked-in the event), they will be prompted to fill in the total amount of group-members. Group members can be clocked-in or out in any order, however, the total amount of clock-ins cannot surpass the Group’s total amount of scheduled users. 


Helpful Tip: If you need to clock-in more Group members than the total you can change the Total in the Group Details popup, or, record the final total as a Note on the Group Leader’s profile. 

Helpful Tip: When using the list views in the web-app to take your clock-in or check-in actions, you can enable a “Group Members Currently Clocked-in” column to get an overview of how many members are there.