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How to remove yourself from Shifts, Events?

Are you looking to remove yourself from a Shift, Event?

Your Event Manager might have disabled the function to delete yourself from a Shift or Event. If the options below do not work for you please contact your Event Manager for further assistance.


Remove yourself from a shift

Remove from Shift

If your Event Manager has allowed Staff to remove themselves from Shifts, you will be able to do so from the "My Upcoming Shifts" tile accessed from your InitLive homepage. Hover over the shift that you wish to remove yourself from and click the red 'x' that appears.

Remove yourself from an Event

Remove from Event

Depending on the Event settings, you may be able to remove yourself from an Event. Please note that this will also remove you from all Qualifications, Roles, and Shifts within the Event and cannot be undone. Click on the "My Upcoming Events" tile from your InitLive homepage and enter the Event you wish to remove yourself from. If you are registered for multiple Events, click on the Event you wish to enter. Providing you have the capability to do so, you will be able to remove yourself from the Event.