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Event Check-in/Check-out VS Shift Clock-in/Clock-out

Should you enable Event check-in/check-out or Shift clock-in/clock-out? Here's what each one does:

Event Check-in/Check-out:

Event Check-in provides a high-level look at Event attendance. It does not track scheduled shifts, but rather the overall attendance of the Event itself. When enabled Staff will have to check in or be checked in to the Event.


Shift Clock-in/Clock-out:

Shift attendance is used to track attendance on a shift-to-shift basis. If this is activated, Staff will have to clock in or be clocked in to their individual Shifts. This is particularly good for keeping track of any holes in your Schedule.



Both the Shift Attendance and Event Attendance settings have associated Reports to let you track the details of the Event or Shift attendance. To learn more about these Reports, click here.